2020 Crypto Briefmarken 2.0 in der Farbe schwarz, alle vier Marken mit den Motiven Lama, Doge, Panda und Honigdachs in geöffneter Originalpackung, Postpreis 28€, bereits auf der Post ausverkauft, Gesamtauflage pro Tier nur 31400 Stück,

Item number: 1000002313

2020 Crypto Stamps all four kinds of animals (lama, panda, badger and doge) in black. Postal value 28€. The stamps are already sold out in the post offices. 31.400 stamps of each kind have been produced, and all the packages have already been opened and scanned in order to determine the colour and rarity of the stamps.

Category: Austria Second Republic

39,00 €

All lots are subject to taxation on the margin scheme (paragraph 24) , plus shipping